How to Participate in Dota2 Malaysia Betcity88 Predictions King Promotion?

How to Participate in Dota2 Malaysia Betcity88

Predictions King Promotion?

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Dota2 is the most popular dota game in Malaysia now. Every Dota2 player must be exciting when you watching Dota2 E-Sports Competition. Now, you can make every competition of Dota2 more interesting and Betcity88 Online Casino provide Dota2 Golden Series to be your prizes!

Participate Dota2 Super Predictions King Promotion Tutorial

Betcity88 Online Casino made a start teaching article for every player who likes Dota2. We hope each

Dota2 player have a good time in Betcity88!

Step 1.

Please click URL: get into Betcity88 homepage and free to register as a Betcity88 member to login.( Learn how to register Betcity88)


Step 2.

Please activate your Betcity88 account.(Activate Betcity88 account tutorial)

Step 3.

Click “Deposit” on the upper of Betcity88 homepage. Minimum deposit to qualify for this Dota2 Predictions King promotion is MYR 100 No limit at maximum payout. (How to Deposit in Betcity88)


Step 4.

Please contact Betcity88 Live Chat to join Dota2 Super Predictions King Promotion and predict the Teams Name accordingly from Dota2 Champion to 4th Runner up

For example :

Doat2 Champion Team (Team Malaysia)

– 1st Runner up (Team Manila )

– 2nd Runner up (Team Singapore)

– 3rd Runner up (Team Europe)

– 4th Runner up (Team China)


If you succesfully predict all correct Dota2 teams standing in the Shanghai Major Official Tournament. We will handsel you the Dota2 Golden Series like Golden Huntling, Golden Lamb to the Slaughter, Golden Empyrean and more in Dota2 game!

What are you waiting for!Go to Betcity88 and be the Dota2 Super Predictions King!

You can also bet Dota2 E-Sports Game for real money in Betcity88!

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